To sustainably harvest, procure, process and export high quality seafood worldwide.


Continuous growth. Internal growth in our production methods and continuous product improvements,
as well as growing marketshare of products and sales in international market place.


To meet expectations of our customers with 100% satisfaction of quality and quantity year-round.

Company History:

Ocean Pride Fisheries Limited was founded by Milton LeBlanc (President, 1986 – 2014) in 1986 as a herring processing facility located in Lower Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. In 1989, as the herring roe industry was in a decline period, Milton made the strategic decision to seek approval to purchase and process dogfish.

Though the company saw many lean years, Milton’s foresight and persistence led to a company that employed between 60-90 seasonal employees, 8 fishing boats from his home port, and a number of vessels from across the Province harvesting and supplying Ocean Pride Fisheries with high quality raw material.

In 1999, Milton decided to expand his operation in Wedgeport and process another underutilized species, Sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa), in a small unused building across the parking lot from the dogfish operation. This business has now grown to be 80% of the total production and sales for Ocean Pride Fisheries and led to major expansion of processing area, storage room, cooking and drying capacity, and freezing.

Today’s Fishery:

Ocean Pride can process up to 50,000 lbs per day of whole sea cucumber. The factories employ, on average, 5 full time staff and 70 seasonal workers. In addition to this up to 3 vessels (3 crew each) harvest while 4-5 people unload the boats and 2-3 truck drivers haul these loads to the factory in Wedgeport.

The factory in Wedgeport processes nearly year-round. Ocean Pride is currently the only full time processor of Sea Cucumber in Eastern Canada.

To sustainably harvest, procure, process and export high quality seafood worldwide