100% Natural, Wild Caught from the Atlantic Ocean, Sustainable


100% Natural, Wild Caught from the Atlantic Ocean, Sustainable


Butterfly Cut

Our butterfly cut dried sea cucumbers have been split and cleaned for convenient, healthy home cooking. Even though they look different in shape, the skin and meat are intact and contain all the nutritional benefits found in sea cucumbers including protein, collagen, carotenoids, antioxidants and minerals.

Football Cut

Our football cut dried sea cucumbers are processed in traditional sea cucumber processing methods, by slicing open one end and cleaning the interior. This gives the sea cucumber a ‘football-like’ appearance, matching the shape and look of most sea cucumber found in stores.

Premium Selections

Our retail products come in 2 sizes: 100g and 340g and in a variety of premium selections that vary from small to extra large sea cucumbers. Premium selections include:

Why you should incorporate sea cucumber into your diet

  • Rich in protein to maintain heart health
  • High levels of marine collagen for smoother and younger-looking skin
  • Contains triterpene glycosides to boost your immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds to keep you active and maintain joint health
  • Healthy liver through reduction of oxidative stress
  • Rich in antioxidants reducing free radicals in your body
  • Good source of polyphenols that support energy metabolism and muscle protein synthesis

Wild caught in the clean coastal waters of Atlantic Canada, OCEAN PRIDE products offer a natural, nutrient-rich boost for a healthier lifestyle.

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If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, please contact sales@oceanpridefisheries.com  or fill out an inquiry form in our contact section.

We follow strict quality control methods and procedures, adhering to Canadian Food Inspection Agency guidelines as well as our own internal standards for maintaining the highest quality available. From our harvesters, freight transporters and into our facility holding rooms we maintain cleanliness and cool temperatures along the chain of custody in order to keep the catch as fresh as possible. Our catch is then processed and placed into freezers and dryers meeting and exceeding safe materials handling procedures and guaranteeing top quality into the marketplace. Dealing with a perishable item like Sea Cucumber we remained focused on speed and efficiency from harvest to market.