OPF Dried Sea Cucumbers


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100% Natural Dried Sea Cucumbers

Our butterfly cut dried sea cucumbers have been split and cleaned for convenient, healthy home cooking. The skin and meat are intact and contain all the nutritional benefits found in sea cucumbers including protein, collagen, carotenoids, antioxidants and minerals.

They are easy to prepare: soak them in clean, oil-free water for 24 hours, then transfer to a bigger container and refill with water for another 24 hours. After 48 hours, your sea cucumbers will be ready to cook. We suggest flavouring them before adding them to your favourite dishes.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we recommended that adults and seniors eat sea cucumbers on a regular basis.


Why you should incorporate sea cucumber into your diet:

– Rich in protein to maintain heart health

– High levels of marine collagen for smoother and younger-looking skin

– Contains triterpene glycosides to boost your immune system

– Anti-inflammatory compounds to keep you active and maintain joint health

– Healthy liver through reduction of oxidative stress

– Rich in antioxidants reducing free radicals in your body

– Good source of polyphenols that support energy metabolism and muscle protein synthesis


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