Our butterfly cut dried sea cucumbers are perfect for healthy home cooking!

Our butterfly cut dried sea cucumbers are perfect for healthy home cooking!

340g Butterfly Cut Dried Sea Cucumber

Our butterfly cut dried sea cucumbers are perfect for healthy home cooking!

All natural, no additives or chemicals added, our sea cucumbers are harvested in the cold, clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It differs from other sea cucumber species in the fact that it is made of skin and meat. The meat inside the orange footed sea cucumber is often called “Red Coral Clam Meat” and has been used in hot pot for centuries in China. Studies have also shown that the orange footed sea cucumber is richer in proteins, minerals and vitamins than other species. 

Our butterfly cut sea cucumbers have been split and their flowers and guts have been removed by hand. The skin and meat are intact and contain all the nutritional benefits found in sea cucumbers including protein, collagen, Carotenoids, antioxidants and minerals.

All you need to do is soak the dried sea cucumber pieces in a clean, oil-free container for 24 hours. Then, cut the tendons to allow them to expand and soak them again for another 24 hours. We 
recommend flavoring them before adding them to your favorite dishes. For more detailed cooking instructions, visit check out our recipes. 

Our sea cucumbers you will receive have passed the health and nucleic acid tests in China and Canada, you can enjoy them without worries.  

Try them today! 


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We follow strict quality control methods and procedures, adhering to Canadian Food Inspection Agency guidelines as well as our own internal standards for maintaining the highest quality available. From our harvesters, freight transporters and into our facility holding rooms we maintain cleanliness and cool temperatures along the chain of custody in order to keep the catch as fresh as possible. Our catch is then processed and placed into freezers and dryers meeting and exceeding safe materials handling procedures and guaranteeing top quality into the marketplace. Dealing with a perishable item like Sea Cucumber we remained focused on speed and efficiency from harvest to market.